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It has become popular to annotate emails, texts and tweets with pictograms called emoji. The word originates from Japan:

moji (meaning letter, character) + e (electronic).

Each emoji can be a face, concept or object that act as visual signifiers of a message's intent or sentiment. This wordless form of communication finds itself across the world and can be understood as a universal expression or language.

Emoji can have limited suitability for different cultures, their use varies in the same way. As emoji sets grow with each new Unicode addition, our vocabulary of this new language grows.

This database is an attempt at categorizing and researching emoji meanings and providing context to their use. Browse the database by clicking any of categories, dates or Unicode versions below. You may also try searching for emoji using the search box above.

Random Emoji
do not litter symbol
Name:Do Not Litter Symbol
About: This emoji was first introduced in Unicode 6.0.0 on Oct 2010.
Date:Oct 2010